July 2017 :: by Sean Coughlin

A single batch of beer on our system can call for up to 1,000 pounds of barley, wheat, and other cereal grains within any given recipe. The grain contains starch which is converted to sugar during the mashing process. This sugary liquid, called wort, is then transferred to the brew kettle where it is boiled for concentration, sterilization, and protein coagulation. As the wort is transferred, water is added on top of the grain bed to help rinse all the sugar from the grain. Once the kettle is full, the mash is completed, and the grain is of no use to the brewer. So what's a brewer to do with 1,000 pounds of wet grain that isn't needed?

Like most breweries, we have chosen to partner with local people in our community who can put that grain to good use. While the sugars have been rinsed, there is great nutritional content remaining, mostly fiber and protein. Fiber & protein makes for great feed for cattle resulting in happy and healthy cows. Happy and healthy cows make for quality tasting beef.We provide our spent grain to Rice Family Farms of Canton, NC and Dennis Francis Farm of Waynesville, NC. Keeping it local ensures not only happy cows but also well fed people with superior beef.

We are also fortunate to provide spent grain to our friend Denise Butkowski who uses it to bake dog cookies. These homemade dog treats are sold in an effort to raise funds for service animals to help people like Denise who are in need but don't have the financial means to pay for one. Keep your eye out for Denise's Barkriffic dog treats or feel free to make a donation to her service animal page.