December 2016 :: by Sean Coughlin

You might not realize it, but approximately 90% of the beer you drink is water.  As beer enthusiasts, we tend to get excited about the more unique ingredients within beer – citrusy American hops, biscuit-like Vienna malt, or even a peppery saison yeast.  That being said, water seems pretty boring in comparison.  Many people assume that water is water, provided it’s filtered…but that isn’t the case.  Did you ever wonder why Guinness became famous for stouts instead of pilsners?  The water profile in Dublin was essentially a perfect fit for the creation of darker beers like porter and stout but lighter styles like pilsner and helles would have not worked out as well.  

We are extremely fortunate to be sourcing our water for the new brewery from the Rough Creek Watershed.  The Rough Creek Watershed has been classified as Outstanding Resource Water by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.  Starting with great water is the first step in creating great beer.  We are excited to use pristine water and develop unique water profiles for each beer through creative water chemistry.

Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the Rough Creek Watershed where you can enjoy 10+ miles of trails to hike and bike.

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